Skin Care Treatments

Acne and Rosacea Complex Treatment - $140.00
Opti Soothing Facial - $140.00
Gua Sha Facial - $179.00
Dermaplaning - $110.00
Deep Peel - $300.00
"The Marilyn" Anti-Aging $300.00
Facial Enhancements:
LED Light Therapy
Lip Treatment  
Brow or Lip Wax 
Ear Wax Candling 
Facial Tips:
  • If you aren't sure which facial to pick, ask your host for a free consultation.  Your esthetician will customize the facial depending on your needs.

  • Men - if you shave daily, avoid shaving the morning of your appointment.  Instead, shave the night before to avoid irritation.

  • Feel free to leave your makeup on.  Your esthetician will remove it during the facial.

  • A facial is your escape from the chaos  -- feel free to communicate with your esthetician in order to make it a better experience. If you're curious, ask questions about the procedures, or what different products are used for.

  • Depending on what type of facial you have, you might experience a bit of redness or irritation immediately after, though it is generally not long-lasting.  If possible, enjoy the rest of your day makeup free for the best results.

  • If you enjoyed your facial, book another one! Over time, facials can help to keep your skin clean and healthy. If you're ready to become a regular, space your appointments anywhere from two weeks to a month (or more) apart.

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