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Facials & Skin Care Services
in Kingsland, GA

Fabulous Face Spa is all about helping you get to know your skin and taking care of it. We offer facials tailored specifically to your needs, whether they're for a special occasion or as part of your regular skincare routine. Located in Kingsland, GA, Our team of experts will help you find the best products and treatments for your skin, so you can start feeling fabulous from the inside out!

Our Services

Facial Enhancement


  • LED Light Therapy   

  • Lip Treatment  

  • Brow or Lip Wax 

  • Ear Wax Candling 

Facial Tips:

  • If you aren't sure which facial to pick, ask your host for a free consultation.  Your esthetician will customize the facial depending on your needs.

  • Men - if you shave daily, avoid shaving the morning of your appointment.  Instead, shave the night before to avoid irritation.

  • Feel free to leave your makeup on.  Your esthetician will remove it during the facial.

  • A facial is your escape from the chaos  -- feel free to communicate with your esthetician in order to make it a better experience. If you're curious, ask questions about the procedures, or what different products are used for.

  • Depending on what type of facial you have, you might experience a bit of redness or irritation immediately after, though it is generally not long-lasting.  If possible, enjoy the rest of your day makeup free for the best results.

  • If you enjoyed your facial, book another one! Over time, facials can help to keep your skin clean and healthy. If you're ready to become a regular, space your appointments anywhere from two weeks to a month (or more) apart.

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